Standard Commercial Use Licensing

Barn of Crafts General Commercial Use License

Thank you for your purchase from ! All purchases from Barn of Crafts LLC include the Barn of Crafts LLC General Commercial Use License.  This document outlines how you can use the item(s) for both personal and commercial use.  We define an “item” as a graphic, design, or font unless otherwise specified.

**If you would like to use an item – with the exception of fonts* – for high volume production (above 500 copies) or any volume of print on demand, you must purchase an Enterprise License from Barn of Crafts LLC for each individual item


  • You may use any purchased Item for personal and commercial use. This means you may use it for yourself or create a product with or using the Item that you hold for sale.
  • The purchased Item may be used on a physical product as long as the original digital design has not been altered or modified.
    • Example: You purchase a graphic of an elephant from a Seller. You may make a t-shirt with the elephant graphic on it, as long as you do not make any changes to the elephant graphic. You may then sell the t-shirt. Further customization or personalization (such as adding a name) for the purpose of commercial resale is additionally permitted.
  • * Fonts (OTF and TTF file types) may be used to create commercial use, text-based digital designs, but the font itself cannot be re-sold or re-distributed. SVG Alphabet sets are considered designs and graphics can not be used this way.
  • *Fonts (OTF and TTF file types) may be used – as part of a flattened design – to create digital designs which are then uploaded and sold on POD sites.  SVG Alphabet sets are considered designs and graphics can not be used this way.
  • Sublimation designs may ONLY may be used on a finished physical product (not printed transfers)

Not Allowed (whether for sale or for free):

  • The Item itself—in its original digital form as purchased from the Website—may not be resold, sublicensed, transferred, shared, or otherwise re-distributed in its original digital form (e.g., as you purchased it).
  • The Item may not be included in the sale of another product.
    • Example: You purchase a design of a flower. You may not include the file of the flower design as part of a bundle of other items held for sale or with the purchase of a t-shirt displaying the flower design.
  • Digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files.
  • Fonts may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files.
  • The Item – with the exception of OTF and TTF fonts* as part of a flattened, unalterable digital design – may not be used with or on print-on-demand services. Please note, SVG Alphabets are considered designs/graphics and  may not be used this way.
  • Uploading the full or partial font (OTF and TTF)* itself to a create-on-demand or POD site or any third party software
  • The Website’s images of any Item, or of a finished product containing any Item, may not be used to promote or market your product. This means it is impermissible to use the Website’s stock photos or mock ups of Items listed on the Website, whether for sale, illustration, marketing or otherwise, for your own use.
  • Sublimation designs may not be printed as transfers and sold

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