Animal Peg Heads


Four different animal heads are available. Pegs are great for hand-eye coordination – including rubber bands can make shapes: color recognition, or pattern creation. The possibilities are endless. Comes with the animal of your choice and the same amount of pegs (random colors) as their are holes.


Wooden Animal Heads with Slots for Wooden Pegs is an engaging and versatile toy set that combines imaginative play with fine motor skill development. The set features a collection of wooden animal heads, each with slots designed to accommodate wooden pegs.

The animal heads are beautifully crafted from wood, showcasing different animal characters that capture children’s curiosity and imagination. Each animal head has multiple slots of varying shapes and sizes, strategically placed throughout its surface.

The set also includes wooden pegs that can be inserted into the slots on the animal heads. The pegs are designed to fit snugly, allowing children to manipulate and experiment with different combinations. They can match the pegs to the corresponding slots or create their own patterns and designs, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills.

By inserting the pegs into the slots, children develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. The process of aligning and fitting the pegs into the slots fosters concentration and dexterity.

Wooden Animal Heads with Slots for Wooden Pegs provides an open-ended play experience, allowing children to explore different animal characters, patterns, and arrangements. It promotes imaginative storytelling, as children can create narratives and role-play scenarios with the animal heads.

With its natural wooden construction, this toy set offers durability and a tactile sensory experience. It is a wonderful toy for children to engage in creative play, while also enhancing their cognitive and motor skills in a fun and interactive way.

Four different animal heads are available.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in

Lion, Hippo, Porcupine, Crocodile


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