Animal Slots and Peg Heads


Animal Slots and Peg Heads, we have a great hippo for counting and math problems. The crocodile has fun shape tabs and colored pegs. Get both and mix and match the tabs and pegs for ultimate fun and usage!

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Animal Slots and Peg Heads is a wooden toy set that offers a delightful and educational experience for children. The set consists of two main components: a hippo-shaped slot board and a crocodile-shaped peg board.

The hippo slot board features a series of slots with numbers and math symbols, making it an engaging tool for counting and solving basic math problems. Children can place wooden tokens or discs into the slots to practice their counting skills or arrange them to create simple equations.

The crocodile peg board is designed with various shape tabs and colored pegs. Kids can match the shapes on the tabs with corresponding holes on the crocodile’s back and insert the pegs to complete the patterns. The vibrant colors and interactive nature of the peg board stimulate children’s creativity and fine motor skills.

What makes Animal Slots and Peg Heads even more exciting is the option to mix and match the shape tabs and colored pegs between the two boards. This feature allows children to explore different combinations and create their own unique designs, providing them with endless fun and possibilities for imaginative play.

Made of wood, this toy set offers durability and a natural aesthetic. It provides a hands-on and tactile learning experience, promoting cognitive development and problem-solving skills in a playful and engaging manner. Animal Slots and Peg Heads is an ideal toy for young learners, combining entertainment with educational benefits.

Hippo Head comes with all 36 letters, number 1-10, dots to match the numbers, shapes and colorful pegs.

Crocodile Head comes will only numbers 1-10, dots to match the number, shapes and colorful pegs.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in

Hippo, Crocodile


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