Shape Finders



Basic shape finders great for taking out and about on walks or in the garden in search of different shapes

You can purchased 4 set of wands or a single shape wand.

Thw shape wands are the perfect way to explore using shapes while having fun. These are a great fun interactive EYFS and preschool learning resource.

They are perfect for use around the house, in the garden or out on a walk. Let your little ones explore and see what makes each shape. Shapes are hidden everywhere, open your little ones eyes to the adventure and excitement of shapes. Great on an activity table or on the go.

The .5 inch wood wands are stronger and sturdier.

Each wand is coated in toy safe paint sealant.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 0.5 in
Shape Finders

Red Heart, Pink Heart, Yellow Heart, Orange Heart, Blue Heart, Clear Heart, No Arylic Heart, Red Hexagon, Pink Hexagon, Blue Hexagon, Orange Hexagon, Yellow Hexagon, Clear Hexagon, No Arylic Hexagon, Red Circle, Pink Circle, Blue Circle, Orange Circle, Yellow Circle, Clear Circle, No arylic Circle, Red Square, Pink Square, Orange Square, Blue Square, Yellow Square, Clear Square, No Arylic Square, Red Triangle, Pink Triangle, Blue Triangle, Orange Triangle, Yellow Triangle, Clear Triangle, No arylic Triangle


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