Wooden Counting Tray


Wooden counting tray. Has ten wooden cards with numbers, ten wooden pegs for counting, and a tray to keeps math activities and counting organized. Great for patterns, counting, addition and subtraction problems.


The Wooden Counting Tray is a versatile educational toy that promotes counting and number recognition skills. The set includes a wooden tray, 10 wooden dolls, and 10 counting chips.

The wooden tray serves as a platform for organizing and arranging the dolls and chips. It features compartments or slots where the dolls and chips can be placed, providing a structured and visually appealing learning environment.

The 10 wooden dolls are designed to represent individuals or characters. They can be placed in the compartments on the tray, allowing children to explore various arrangements and groupings. The dolls can also be used for imaginative play and storytelling, enhancing creativity and narrative skills.

The set also includes 10 counting chips, which can be used to represent quantities. Children can place the chips next to the dolls, matching each chip with a corresponding doll to practice counting and number association. This hands-on approach to counting helps develop early math skills and numerical understanding.

The Wooden Counting Tray encourages fine motor skills as children manipulate and place the dolls and chips in the designated compartments. It also fosters cognitive development by promoting logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Crafted from wood, this toy offers durability and a tactile sensory experience. The natural aesthetic of the wooden materials adds an element of warmth and eco-friendliness to the play experience.

The Wooden Counting Tray with its dolls and counting chips provides an engaging and interactive way for children to learn and explore the world of numbers. It is a valuable tool for early childhood education, supporting the development of essential mathematical and cognitive skills in an enjoyable manner.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 10 × 2 in

Engraved, Unfinished, Finished


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