Wooden Number Trays

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Our handmade Montessori wooden number trays are the perfect educational tool for littles developing number sense and those learning to count and recognize numbers.

These number trays can be used in many ways.

Using fun manipulatives such as pom-poms, dried beans, raisins, kiddos can use the trays to develop number sense while older kids can use manipulatives to work on early introductory math skills.

Number sense is an essential skill for our little ones to cultivate as they begin to expand their understanding of numbers. Having the ability to show a number’s quantity and value in a variety of ways or formats can be taught and developed through a variety of activities that advance through concrete, pictorial and abstract methods, and our Montessori wooden number trays are ideal for encouraging your little one’s development in this regard. Another skill which assists your little one in their growth with numbers and their understanding is the development of number order or sequence, or what number comes before or after a particular number. Our Montessori wooden number trays help to facilitate all of these different methods of development, while also bringing fun to the learning through the use of various manipulatives (beans, pennies, felt pom-poms, wooden acorns, etc.)!

Our handmade Montessori wooden number trays come with number trays 1-10, a wooden and a wooden stand that is designed to hold and store your number trays.

Loose parts or wooden balls are not included.

1. The Wooden number tray is 14″ long, 5” wide and stands  3 “high.
2. Material: Pine wood, food-safe beeswax
3. This item is handmade so the color and grains may differ slightly from the one on the photo.
4. This item should not be submerged in water. Use damp cloth to clean the toy.
5. Recommended ages: 1+, parental supervision required.

Handcrafted with love.


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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 in

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